Activities in Pench National Park

At Pench Tree Lodge, we offer a host of interesting activities which you may choose as per your interest:

Pench Tree House Nature Trails & Cycling

As an avid birder or even a beginner, you will be delighted by the wide array of bird species found at the lodge, the surrounding fields and the water holes. The lodge has successfully managed to retain the existing forest and supplement it with protecting root stock which has helped us record over 100 bird species in the lodge itself. You can join the resident naturalists for interesting Nature trails, on foot or on bicycle in and around the lodge.

Nature Trails & Cycling
Jeep Safaris

Pench Tree House Jeep Safaris

Jeep safari is an amazing way to experience nature and wildlife. Jeep safari can either be done from sunrise till 11 in the morning or in the afternoon till sunset or even indulge in a night safari. The timings tend to vary as per the season. The guests are provided with an experienced naturalist and a driver to accompany and enhance their safari experience. Keep your eyes open to capture the myriad wonders that come your way. Jeep safari booking has to be done in advance.

Jeep Safaris

Pench Tree House Organic Garden

Pugdundee Safaris firmly believes in sustainable eco-tourism and one of the initiatives as part of the mission is maintaining an organic garden to encourage local and healthy produce. We will be happy to have you participate in the daily farming and gardening activities that happen in our small farm. A unique therapy that gets you dirty but offers satisfaction for a lifetime. Especially recommended for our young guests and offer them a magical tryst with mother nature.

Organic Garden
Village Walks & Bazaars

Pench Tree House Village Walks & Bazaars

Enjoy a guided tour or a leisurely walk/bicycle ride by yourself to the local villages and weekly haats (bazaars). You can have your fill of indigenous crafts and products of the area. Pugdundee Safaris supports local schools and education initiatives as well as provides employment to local youth. We encourage giving back to the community we operate in and these walks are an excellent way for our guests to immerse in the local culture and experience rural India.

Village Haat days
Vijaypani - Tuesday - 3 kms
Belpath - Sunday - 6 kms
Badalpar - Thursday - 10 kms
ChakkiKhamari - Monday - 12 kms

Village Walks & Bazaars

Pench Tree House Bush Dinner

Pench Tree lodge offers a popular Farm Dinner Experience, under the star-studded night sky, which is a village like set up, next to the sprawling organic garden to provide guests the authentic local flavours of Madhya Pradesh. The cooking techniques used are inspired by the local culture and ranges from simple roasts to barbeques to great salads made with fresh greens plucked from our organic garden. The food promises to leave strong earthy flavours which lingers on your tongue.

Bush Dinner
Rukhad Buffer Excursion

Pench Tree House Rukhad Buffer Excursion

We organize Jungle Book Cycling Experience that takes you to central India's famous - Pench & Kanha Tiger Reserves. The trip covers an exciting mobile tented camping experience in the forest along with a small tour of Rukhad Sanctuary which is an eco-tourism destination rich with its wildlife and scenic natural beauty. Apart from the wildlife, the tour provides a distinctive opportunity to experience rural life in India and meet local people who live in harmony with wildlife.

Rukhad Buffer Excursion

Pench Tree House Wildlife Photography Hide

The Kipling Photography Hide at our Pench Tree Lodge is the first of its kind, professionally designed, luxury underground wildlife photography hide in India. It gives photographers & wildlife lovers the freedom to get close to wildlife safely & discreetly, without disturbing or impacting the animals. And while it allows wildlife to behave and interact with each other with complete freedom, photographers gain a unique eye-level perspective from up close.

Wildlife Photography Hide