The highlight of my short stay has to be the people of the resort. Warm, knowledgeable and great hosts, these folks are doing an exemplary job...

- Supriya


I loved the tree lodge experience and the constant birdsong warmed my heart. Thanks to the chef and the dining staff for the scrumptious meals. I will always remember the serenity and quietude of my balcony and the idyllic sight of grazing cattle.

- Ankita Shreeram , Trailstainedfingers.com


For the hardcore wildlife enthusiast, Pench Tree Lodge is an oasis of bliss. For the mere leisurely travellers the property offers enough in terms of flora & fauna, to keep an average nature lover interested. Believe me, this place is no less thrilling than the National Park itself.

- Indranil


This was my first tree house stay and it has been lovely to say the least. It was made very special by Team Pugdundee, who took care of every small need of mine. I love your naturalist who educated us so well on the jungles surrounding your lodge.

- Anuradha Goyal , Inditales.com


My wife and I had a wonderful stay at the Treelodge. The entire team was outstanding but would still like to appreciate a few people in particular:
Anil : a fabulous manager befitting this property.
Sagar : amazing with all the facts about in house trees and snakes.
Pankaj : an outstanding chef and we hopefully will be back for the food.
Mukund & Kalu Ram were the warmest servers we have had.

- S. Mohanti